Virtualization and Cloud Deployment
Virtualization became an essential technology for both large and small enterprises. it provides efficiency in the process of utilization and management of company's computing capacities. Varzia can plan, deploy and manage your company's hardware and software for virtualized environment.
The process of planning for virtualization includes step by step instructions for transferring legacy platforms on virtual servers, allocating optimal resources and setting up a service model. Varzia Implements its approach to virtualization on VMware vSphere and vCloud technologies.
Whether your Company provides services to external or Internal customers, with the VMWare vCloud platform we can help you to Implement complete, integrated cloud infrastructure, delivering best SLAs and rapid deployment times for new applications.
Utilizing VMWare vCenter, our systems administrators will provide efficient way to allocate and reallocate resources, monitor performance of applications, provide high availability and business continuity solutions.
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