About Us
Varzia is an IT company based in Tbilisi, Georgia with the main focus to work with enterprises and government sector as solution provider and systems integrator in high-end hardware and software spheres. The company is founded by IT managers and engineers with an extensive experience in planning deploying and operating complex IT systems in large enterprises.
One of key focuses of Varzia is providing security equipment, consulting and audit to government and enterprise segments in Georgia. Varzia plans to grow business and expand portfolio quickly by offering new range of security systems, services and hardware, high-end servers and storage systems to Georgian companies and government entities. Extensive experience of the management combined with the profound knowledge of the IT market and the needs of large market players, gives confidence to Varzia management to count on fast growth.
Key directions of growth are security systems and services and high-end server equipment. Varzia has secured partnership with one of the leading US security services provider Janus Associates. It already has signed partnership with a network security equipment provider Radware, and security technology company McAfee. 
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