Business Continuity
Business continuity planning is addressing critical problems that arise when recovering from, or preparing for, the possibility of a disaster. Varzia and Janus specialists will work with you to  thoroughly plan for computing operations recovery, business process continuity and site recovery and restoration so that business interruptions, whether they are of a disastrous nature (fire or natural disaster) or of an interruptive nature (loss of power) are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.
Business relies heavily on the information it creates, processes and stores. In today’s competitive environment, an organization’s very survival may depend on such information. In case of governmental institutions, disruptions of information systems may represent the national security threat or may lead to extremely large scale financial losses.
Our specialists' business and technical expertise enables us to focus on the most critical aspects of continuity planning, while working hand-in-hand with an organization’s personnel to thoroughly prepare strategies for coping with the possibility of business interruption.
Varzia and Janus specialists also provide impartial, independent testing of contingency plans that identify discrepancies and/or failures that can impact business.  Organizational assets can be at risk of loss or misuse during real or even simulated recoveries.  Our consultants are trained to identify potential exposures, and help implement protection mechanisms to reduce these risks.They guide clients in:
Protection Strategies – By developing an action plan for addressing exposures based on organizational priorities and available resources.
Business Impact Analyses – The first step in continuity planning, the Business Impact Analysis (BIA), identifies what is critical to survival.  This, in turn, provides the basis for subsequent continuity planning.
Planning Techniques – Whether the need is to develop a new contingency plan or evaluate the effectiveness of an existing plan, our specialists can provide knowledgeable, well-honed and focused assistance. 
Simulations – Simulations enable client staff to practice the recovery decision-making process, as well as identify procedures to be followed by executives, technical personnel and users.  Our consultants can simulate disaster situations and provide response evaluations to any number and variety of recovery scenarios.

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