Forensic Analysis
Data forensics is a complex process that accurately investigates events or activities on computer systems while maintaining the total integrity of the data contained on that system. Specially trained personnel of Varzia together with its US partner JANUS, utilize custom designed mobile forensics platforms and methodologies throughout the process. A strong chain of custody for all evidence materials and the creation of mirror-images of data sources are some of the initial steps in this process. The fundamental questions: if something occurred, who did what, when did it happen, and how was it accomplished are asked and answered.
There are 4 steps to a Varzia and JANUS data forensics engagement. This methodology assures you of accurate, legal court admissible results.
1. Consulting
Data forensic engagement begins with technical consulting to ascertain specifically what services your investigation requires and to define what we will deliver.
2. Data Collection
The forensic professionals will perform collection of the data at your site or ours. Janus' data forensics lab fulfills the requirements for US Department of Defense secret level information handling.
3. Forensic Recovery and Data Analysis
We utilize industry-leading data recovery hardware and software to help access and restore data that may have been purposely tampered with or deleted. Our engineers analyze the data uto uncover information related to your investigation.
4. Results and Reporting
When the forensic analysis is complete, we provide you with the results of the investigation in a form that meets your specific needs.
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