IT Operations Outsourcing
Varzia offers IT outsourcing for companies of all size and complexity. Our systems administrators and systems architects can plan and manage complex systems utilizing latest virtualization technologies and software. Following list describes packages of relevant service offerings for companies:
Package A (Recommended for the office up to 10 people)
Mail Server (Linux Based or Google apps)
Web Server  (LAMP)
File Server
Package B (Recommended for the office with 10-50 people)
Domain Controller
Mail Server (MDaemon)
Web Server (LAMP or IIS)
File Server
Package C (Recommended for the office with 50+ people)
Domain Controller
Mail Server (Microsoft Exchange)
Web server (LAMP or IIS)
Microsoft Lync
File Server
Antivirus Server
Proxy Server (TMG or Squid)
Additional Services
Print server
IP PBX (Asterisk)
Rights Management Server
Public Key Infrastructure
Smart Card System implementation
Social media
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