Main lines of products offered by Varzia are:

Security Solutions
Hardware and Software solutions from the leading vendors worldwide: McAfee, Radware, Gigamon, Layer 7, Blue Coat, Entensys and others. The products and solution cover wide area of information security:
  • Network security;
  • Endpoint and Server security;
  • Internet Gateways and Proxies,
  • Data Leakage Prevention;
  • Email security, spam protection;
  • Cloud-based application security;
  • Parental control, etc.
Server Platforms

Server platforms include high and middle range servers, storages, and network equipment. Key brands provided by Varzia are HP blade and Proliant servers, 3PAR high and middle range storages and Dell servers. Network equipment covers both SAN and ethernet networks and represented by Cisco, HP, Layer 7 and Gigamon.
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