Varzia offers three key products enterprise IT environment from the company Quest. Main areas covered are:
Database management;
Data protection;
Performance monitoring;
Database management - includes Industry leading tools to develop, access, analyze and manage data. Quest's leading software, Toad, supports Oracle, SQL server, MYSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Netezza, and others. It provides a consistent way to build, manage and maintain databases.
Performance monitoring - Foglight is the premier solution for application monitoring across multiple technologies (e.g. Java, .NET, virtual or physical servers, databases, networks, etc.) and capturing the experience of users interacting with those applications. Leading organizations all over the globe use Foglight to improve user satisfaction and ensure the IT environment supports the needs of the organization. Foglight also helps you find the root cause of every business-impacting incident, so you can fix problems fast.
Data protection-reducing your storage footprint by as much as 85 percent is not only possible, but easy, when you have the ability to deduplicate data at the server during backups. You can achieve these results easily with the fast compression features of NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server. Plus, you can maintain optimal backup performance and compression with adaptive compression that responds to load changes on the server in real time. Combine this with LiteSpeed’s backup templates, and see how easy and fast it is to manage jobs across an entire SQL Server environment. LiteSpeed prevents production downtime by letting you restore data and objects directly from backup files without the need to perform a full restore and undo accidental or malicious transactions right on the server. This unmatched solution includes the LiteSpeed Engine, a lightweight, driver-based backup technology for taking full advantage of LiteSpeed’s compression and encryption — without having to modify existing SQL scripts. 
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