Security Solutions
Varzia provides security hardware and software solutions from the industry leading vendors. Together with the information security services and consulting, we provide tools to reduce information security risks and prevent unauthorized access and change to your information, or avoid most widespread and easiest malicious activity – making your information unavailable to authorized users.
We cover a wide range of security equipment and systems from the vendors with the world name like McAfee, Radware and others:
  • Intrusion detection/prevention systems;
  • DDoS attack mitigation hardware;
  • Endpoint security, including Deep Defense from McAfee, providing systems defense on computers even before operating system loads.
  • Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) systems, ensuring your data cannot be stolen even using instant messaging systems or printscreen command.
  • Software and web application firewalls;
  • Database security – keeping your database secure, even when you cannot apply latest security patches to the system;
  • Network sensor and behavioral analysis tools;
  • Integrated security management tools – providing comprehensive view, management and reporting from a single system;
  • Risk assessment and compliance tools;
  • Vulnerability assessment and network penetrations tools.
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