Information Security Project in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Posted on 04.11.2013

Varzia has finished implementation of a large project in the Georgian Ministry of Finance aimed at improving security of IIT systems and consolidating information security management infrastructure. The project has been carried out with the LEPL Financial-Analytical Service and covered deployment of information security products from one of the industry leaders, McAfee:


  • SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) - system, providing management of security incidents and log analysis, consolidation and correlation. It gives the organization ability to control virus and malicious software spread process, intrusions and other malicious activities.

  • Network Behavior Analysis, Intrusion Prevention System - Network security system, providing real-time monitoring data on network traffic and information about suspicious activities. It can block intrusion or other malicious activities in automated mode.

  • Endpoint Protection - innovational antivirus from McAfee, blocking rootkit viruses even before operation system is loaded, providing personal firewall, data leakage prevention and a lot of other useful features.

  • ePO - policy orchestrator, a central console for managing all the products, implementing tailored and general policies, setting up alert and blocking measures and the most important - providing correlation across the platforms and systems to detect and prevent information security breach.


The deployed system will dramatically improve information security management infrastructure within the Ministry of Finance, providing powerful tools with wide functionality for information systems protection.


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