Top Three Selection Criteria for Anti-DDoS Vendors

Top Three Selection Criteria for Anti-DDoS Vendors

Many companies claim to provide DDoS protection. However, there are vast differences between vendors’ technology capabilities and level of security protection. How can you evaluate which is best for your customer’s business? Join this webinar to gain an understanding of and get actionable insight for three often-overlooked but critical requirements for anti-DDoS vendor selection:

  1. Threat Coverage – key threats check list a DDoS solution should handle (SSL, low and slow, application level, etc.)
  2. Security Architecture – where is the right place to protect from the key threats? (perimeter, ISP, Cloud, CDN etc.) What is the most effective and efficient security architecture you should look for and why?
  3. “Under Attack” Support – what happens when under attack? What are the recommended procedures and type of service you should expect.
Webcast Details
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM IL
Event password: 123456
Ronen KenigRonen Kenig
Director, Security Product Marketing


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