Samsung Teams with Absolute Software to Harden Security of GALAXY Mobile Devices

Absolute Software Brings Enterprise Mobility Management and Theft Protection to Samsung GALAXY Devices

Samsung has teamed up with Absolute Software to provide the core enterprise security elements for the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices.

The layered protection will be bound to the soon-to-be launched KNOX platform, Samsung’s answer to the security needs of IT admins. Samsung will embed Absolute Software’s “Absolute Persistence” technology into the firmware of Samsung GALAXY mobile devices, the company said.

KNOX sits on top of a hardened installation of Android and comes with an application container that splits personal and business software and data.

According to Samsung, KNOX uses a three-pronged strategy to bring added security to its mobile platform: Customizable Secure Boot; ARM TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA), and a kernel with built-in Security Enhanced Android (SE Android) access controls.

Samsung KNOX Diagram

With the addition of Absolute Software’s cloud-based offering, KNOX will offer administrators the ability to secure tablets, handsets, and laptops remotely – no matter where the employee has taken them; or no matter where they were lost or stolen.

“As we expand our position in the enterprise market, our customers are demanding enterprise level security solutions,” states Dr. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of the Technology Strategy Group at Samsung Electronics.

Moreover, Samsung’s KNOX will enable admins to secure corporate data, monitor device status, receive alerts and respond pre-emptively in case a device is deemed to be at risk.

Another bonus will be the inclusion of Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services, but it wasn’t clear in the announcement if such a service would come with Samsung’s offering, or at an additional fee.

In the event a device is stolen the AIRS group can help by offering insight and data, and help law enforcement if the need is there. To date, AIRS has helped recover some 28,000 stolen laptops, due in part to their Computrace and LoJack software.

More information on the Samsung/Absolute partnership is available here.


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